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On January 17, 2006, the City council approved and adopted the document entitled, 'Secondary Water Position Paper' explaining the city's official position regarding secondary water. This position is based off of the former secondary water committee recommendation and council adoption. The paper supercedes the secondary water system master plan which was adopted by the City Council in October 2004.

The City of South Jordan provides secondary water to a portion of the city through both gravity fed and pressurized piped system. The water is made available through four main canals that run through the city. The main source of water that feeds the four canals comes from Utah Lake. The quality of water from this source changes throughout the year.. The season dates for the startup/shutdown of the canals is April 15th to October 15th. These dates are estimates and can change based on weather or other factors and is controlled by each respective canal company .

The city is dedicated to improving the system and the quality of water through the installation of weir screens, amiad filters on pump stations, and adding drain valves to flush the waterlines. In addition, the city also owns and maintains the Beckstead Canal which provides water to irrigate the Mulligans Golf Course. For further information reference links below.

What is the Canal Companies Role in Secondary Water?

The canal company is responsible for the conveyance of water and the canal infrastructure that runs through the city. They also have the responsibility to clean and maintain the canal. This means all of the debris and weeds seen on or in the canals are the responsibility of the canal company to clean. For problems or issues related to a canal, please call the appropriate canal company.

What is the City's Role in Secondary Water?

Each of the four major canals has weirs that divert water from the canal to the City's secondary water pipes. At this point, the City takes responsibility for water delivery from the canal to the resident's connections. The secondary water pipes feed various subdivisions throughout the City and the city maintains approximately 174 miles of secondary water lines.
South Jordan's secondary water system is mainly a gravity fed irrigation system with some pressurized areas. The amount of pressure received at your location is dependent upon the distance from the canal, relative elevation of your property to the canal, the number of users within the zone, and the water level within the canal.

What is the Homeowners Role in Secondary Water?

Your responsibility as a homeowner includes maintenance of the system from the stop and waste valve and to keep the system in compliance with backflow regulations. Any breaks in pipes or sprinklers on the homeowner's side of the stop and waste valve are the homeowner's responsibility to have repaired.
At the point you receive water, the pressures may not be enough to run your sprinkler system, therefore the use of pumps is recommended at your property in order to achieve the pressures needed to meet your water system needs. Pumps should be equipped with automatic shut-offs in case of low or no water flows in order to avoid burning the pump up.
The water we receive from the canals is not filtered for debris. It is your responsibility to screen or filter at your point of delivery in order to avoid blocks to your system or sprinkler heads.
As a homeowner, you should be aware of easements on your property. It is your responsibility to ensure that no structures are placed on these easements and that the City has access to the easements so repairs can be made (City Municipal Code 16.04.210). By doing so, the City can avoid damage to any structure and expedite the repair process, thus ensuring a faster return of water to the residents in the area.

What if we do not have secondary water and would like to have it added to our subdivision?

City council has passed a resolution for residents who currently do not have secondary water and would like to have it added to their subdivision. A request must be submitted to counsel with a map of the area and at least 70% of the subdivision agreeing to the request. If accepted, counsel will then direct staff to prepare a proposal. See municipal code 13.08.100 for more details.


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